Our ability to do something is determined by our self-belief. If we believe we can, we are less likely to hesitate to do something and more likely to succeed in doing it. If we believe we cannot, we are likely to lose confidence or enthusiasm, and then delay or postpone the action and end up not doing it at all. There are actions that necessitate adequate preparation, thorough practice or careful rehearsal. It would therefore be foolish to think we can perform an action successfully based solely on self-belief. Self-belief however is a must to have and number one priority.

It is essential that we believe in ourselves and our abilities to achieve an outcome, or we will never succeed. When we have developed a reasonable amount of self-belief, we tend not to think of failure, feel intimidated or apprehensive when we undertake a new enterprise or responsibility. As we progress, our self-belief ensures that we do not delay, postpone or procrastinate.

If we are deficient in a given moment, it does help to act as if we have confidence and self-belief by, for instance, having an upright posture, walking with a confident gait, or speaking coherently. By acting in this manner, we are very likely to acquire and behave with more confidence and self-belief. In the home environment, it is essential that parents display and pass on such qualities to their children.

If we understand that doing an activity regularly enables us to become very good at it, and that it makes it easier to succeed the next time when we do it, we should begin with an easy task. Each time we succeed in completing an easy task and ticking it off the list, we boost our self-confidence and self-belief – a belief that we are capable of further success. This encourages us to move on to the next slightly more difficult assignment with renewed confidence and self-belief. How true it is when we say, “Nothing succeeds like success.” Each personal success contributes enormously to our self-belief.

Think of the talents and skills we possess but due to lack of self-belief, we have not realized your full potential. Imagine the many accomplishments we could have achieved if we had developed the unchanging attitude of self-belief.

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