The Mindset for Life

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Picture how different your life would be, if you could improve every aspect thereof by just 30%. Your life would be happier, more fulfilled and more successful. And, it’s easier than you could imagine. The gap between what you have and what your want, lies in what you do consistently.

The biggest secret to getting more out of life, is rooted within your daily strategy. If you simply direct your daily routine toward the positive outcomes you want, you will achieve the success you deserve.

Mindset for Life is a one day workshop. Explore the NLP science of success and excellence and find out what you need to do to get where you want to be. Enroll now – let’s set up your mind for a positive life.

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2 September PTA East, 2 September Sandton, 16 September Centurion, 16 September Sandton, 16 September PTA East, 23 September Centurion, 30 September Centurion, 14 October PTA East, 21 October Sandton, 21 October Centurion, 21 October PTA East, 21 October Sandton, 28 October Sandton, 28 October Centurion, 28 October Pta East, 4 November Sandton, 4 November Centurion, 11 November Sandton, 18 November PTA East, 25 November Centurion, 25 November Sandton, 25 November PTA East, 2 December Sandton, 2 December PTA East

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