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Coach Barry Schutte – Life coaching that helps you become the best you can be.

What if you could improve all aspects of your life?
What if you could live the life you truly deserve?
What if you could find your true passion and live a fulfilled live….

I have helped many people, just like you, to achieve their goals…. And I can do the same for you.

I am a certified NLP practitioner and Life coach and use NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) methodologies in all the Life coaching I do. All my Life coaching is completely outcome based, which means that you will experience change and reach your goals much quicker.

I provide Career, Business, Executive, Wellness, performance and Life Coaching to individuals and business in Pretoria and Johannesburg. Contact me today for a Free free introductory coaching session so you can meet me, see how I work, and what I can do for you.

Life Coaching is the cutting edge human-development technology that is creating massive change in people, their lives and their communities.

A life coach works with you personally, helping you tap into your greatest strengths, become the person you are meant to be, and live the life you are meant to be living.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly, and how powerfully, you, and your life, will transform.

What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is you, only better

Have you ever had a conversation so powerful, so positively energetic, motivating and insightful, that it changed your life forever?  Imagine having a conversation like that once a week. Coaches facilitate you, the real you, coming forth with your own best wisdom and true values, desires, goals and dreams, and taking the actions that will create those fulfilling things in your life.

Let’s be honest.  You probably already know what is important for you.  It may be lost in the noise, or the busy-ness of life.  You may have some fears about truly making your dreams come true.  You may not believe enough in yourself to really make it happen.  You may have tried before, maybe many times, and “failed”.

Your life coach will help you identify, and affirm for you, what is crucial for you to succeed at this time.  Your coach will help you make the changes, and take the actions, that will move your life forward in fundamental and powerful ways.  Your coach will support you 100%, even when (especially when!) you doubt yourself.

Your coach brings forth the real, unique, powerful, happy, fulfilled and truly successful person you know you can be.

Coaching feels like finally understanding it all

We all have blind spots.  No matter how successful we become, or how much we achieve, we almost always have areas in ourselves and in our lives that just seem to be recurring sources of frustration, problems or upset.

Your coach will help you understand what is *truly* going on, and how you can make things fundamentally better.

Soon, you will find yourself instantly understanding the people and situations in your life in a way you never have before.  This allows you to respond consciously and positively in the moment, where *real* change happens.

Life Coaching is simple and present/future-focused, and that’s why it works

Life coaching works in a very simple way. Your coach always helps you laser in on what truly is crucial at this very moment.  Your coach will ask you questions that get straight to the heart and truth of the matter.  Your coach will share their observations of you and what you may be missing.  They will give you tools that you can use today to create *real* change.  Your coach will provide that support and belief in YOU that you sometimes just can’t access.

Your coach is not going to spend endless hours with you talking about the past and what was wrong before.  The focus in on the present, your strengths and assets, and creating the life of your dreams.

Focus on what is important to you

In the end, all coaching is life coaching.  You can’t fully separate your career, from your personal life, from your relationships, etc.  Yet, you can still choose to have a main focus with a coach.  In that case, you may want to work with a coach that specializes in career, business, relationships, or one of many other coaching specialities. Be advised however, that working with any coach, you’ll find ALL aspects of your life improving.

Powerful outcomes

So, what improves?  Everything.  Life works.  Your intentions come to fruition, easier than ever before.  You feel a new joy inside of you.  You are truly connecting with the people in your life.  You feel whole, centered, fulfilled, empowered.  And, that is only the beginning.

Contact me today for a Free free introductory coaching session so you can meet me, see how I work, and what I can do for you.