Executive coaching

Executive coaching

Barry’s Executive  Coaching is a highly personalized relationship that strengthens an executive’s performance through focused execution of organization, role, and individual career objectives.

Executive Focus Coaching will help retain top-performing executives by addressing individual career aspirations and giving leaders targeted support for overcoming performance issues and guidance for transitioning to more complex roles and challenging assignments.

Barry’s executive coaching gives your executives the plans needed to develop the right skills at the right time with:

  • A concrete execution plan for role and business priorities.
  • Clear development actions for improved performance.
  • Access to executive coaches with cross-industry experience worldwide.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching is a fast growing business, at least in the ‘usual suspect’ economies of the developed world. And there are no shortage of individuals, firms and educational institutions ready and willing to provide it. But just how effective is it?
The commitment of corporate titans such as GE, Goldman Sachs and Google now sees spending on executive coaching in the US alone at more than $1billion per year. But whereas 20 years ago most coaching was a remedial effort aimed at poor performers, most coaching budgets today focus on developing high potential leaders.

Studies in larger organizations show that coaching top executives at large companies yields 5-7x the company’s initial investment. While studies haven’t been done on the value of coaching on smaller companies and start-ups, it’s reasonable to expect that entrepreneurs are under similar pressures and their actions at least as critical to the success of their organizations so that the value of coaching might be greater.

If you are looking to lift your team to amazing new heights, Barry Schutte’s Executive and Performance coaching is the answer.