Science of Success and Excellence for peak Performance

Course Science of Success and Excellence for peak Performance
Course Duration 3 Days
Course Cost R4800 per delegate. (Minimum 10 delegates)
Pre-requisite None
Audience Highly recommended for all employees

Course Overview. Science of Success and Excellence for peak Performance

The secret of the world’s most successful people is the array of powerful strategies they have at their disposal to create effective, lasting change in any situation that presents itself.
Of all the goals people set in life, two stand out: success in our (1) personal and (2) professional lives. It turns out, these two are interdependent. Personal success supports and reinforces professional success. Professional success reinforces personal success. And together, they reinforce life’s most important pursuit — happiness.

NLP is based on a few fundamental principles also known as the NLP presuppositions. These principles or presuppositions which form the foundation of NLP have been developed over many years of studying and modelling the world’s most successful people who consistently produced superb results, as well as from systems theory and natural laws.

In the Science of Success and Excellence for peak Performance course, we teach you how to effectively implement these key fundamentals to success and excellence in your own life, leading to highly successful and motivated individuals both in a personal and professional capacity, with a clear understanding of why and how to take responsibility for their own outcomes in life.

Science of Success and Excellence for peak Performance: learn how to massively increase your chances of being successful and getting excellent results by relying on your best asset….YOU.

This is a compulsory pre-requisite course for all courses in the School of life corporate training stable. All our corporate training is based on the highly effective NLP methodologies and the NLP mindset for Life workshop lays the NLP foundation for all follow-up courses.

The NLP Mindset for success

The NLP Mindset for success

R1600 p/p

  • Barry Schutte