NLP Negotiating Skills

NLP Negotiating for results

Course NLP Negotiating Skills
Course Duration 2 Days
Course Cost R3200 per delegate. (Minimum 8 delegates)
Pre-requisite NLP Mindset for Success and Excellence
Audience Highly recommended for all employees 

Course Overview

Employees frequently need to influence the behaviour and decision making of peers, reports, clients and superiors as well as take part in more formal negotiations.  Becoming more aware of the impact they have on others as well as understanding what drives their counterpart’s opinion and position is vital in order to become proficient in influencing and negotiating.

This course will teach them how to improve their negotiating skills and learn how to interpret other styles and use it to the benefit of your organization.

This course focusses on the following:

  • What is conflict?
  • The main sources of conflict
  • Different types of conflicts
  • Conflict stages
  • Listening and paying attention
  • Attitudes towards conflict
  • Tools for improved communication
  • What gives people power
  • Problem solving
  • Inter-group conflict
  • Stereotypes and prejudices
  • Strategies for resolving inter-group conflict
  • Negotiations
  • The importance of negotiations and agreements
  • Building the relationship
  • Useful questions for setting up a negotiations process
  • Persuading through discussion
  • Building trust