Acceptance of personal responsibility

To have control over your life, you have to accept that you are responsible for everything that happens to you. If you are a successful person, you know you are responsible and accept the full consequences of your action and behaviour. If you are not, you are liable to believe fate causes and controls all events that happen to you, so that you cannot change or control the way things happen.

Acceptance of personal responsibility begins with feeling strongly that you are responsible for all areas of your life, especially emotionally and physically. If you can accept and firmly believe this, you are in a good position for real accomplishment of all your aims or purposes in life. If however you think whatever happen to you is beyond your control, you passively allow an external power to decide or fix what will happen to you in a way that you cannot change or control. You let your life follow blindly a preordained path.

Everything happens as a result of a particular action. If you can understand the reason why something happens to you, you can take control over its cause and effect. What cause everything that happens to you are principally your thoughts and beliefs. You are responsible for choosing what to think or believe. If you think positively of a desirable outcome, that desired outcome will be realized. If you believe in a negative outcome, you will produce the unsuccessful end result.

You owe it to yourself to be wholly responsible for thinking and believing positively or confidently about yourself. When you believe strongly in your ability to attain your objectives, you will be driven to accomplish them. Your high expectations are just as important. When you are highly and cautiously optimistic in your expectations, there’s an excellent chance that they will be fulfilled. You build up your expectations, so do it in a responsible manner.

Your actions and attitudes result from your habits and beliefs that are firmly fixed in you. It’s your responsibility to strengthen and practise your good habits, and discard entirely the old habits however difficult and replace them with good ones. Form a habit of associating yourself with only positive-thinking people and avoid completely those who constantly think negatively.

Take control of your life by controlling your thoughts and accepting responsibility for all the things that happen in your life. If you believe you are totally controlled by outside forces such as fate, you are always under their power and it’s up to you to regain control of your life.

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