BSSA – Barry Schutte Success Academy

The Barry Schutte Success Academy & NLP Training center is founded on integrity, love and passion for creating a ripple of sustainable change and is a leading authority on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Life and Business coaching and people performance. We also focus on the psychology of leadership, success, negotiations and organizational turnaround and peak performance of small and large scale businesses. At the Barry Schutte Success Academy, we pride ourselves on making good people great.

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BSSA International Corporate Training Center.

Imagine if you could achieve your business goals and dreams easily and effortlessly. What if it was possible to finally reach the heights you know you deserve?

It is well known that the success of any business or organization is built on the solid foundation of its people. By addressing and re-aligning the values and beliefs of your people, you will develop a workforce that will see you soar into new heights. Isn’t it about time you start investing in the future of your organization? Isn’t it about time you get the unfair advantage? Let us help you uncover your true potential through effective implementation of NLP and Coaching methodologies in your workplace.

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BSSA – School of life

BSSA School of life NLP & life coach Academy
The BSSA School of life NLP & life coach Academy is renowned for its world class and internationally recognized NLP Life coach certification courses. Our trainers are certified Master NLP trainers and can’t wait to share their wealth of knowledge and experiencing with eager students.

BSSA School of Life – Future leaders.
The BSSA School of life future leaders program gives teens and young adults the unfair advantage in life.
By teaching teens and young adults the NLP success minded principles and leadership skills, we can ensure a solid foundation for success.
BSSA School of life offers courses in South Africa, London, New Zealand, Spain and soon in Seattle. Join our world of professional coaches and create a ripple of change

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The BSSA way

Our approach to training is simple, effective and practical yet build on world class tried, tested and proven methodologies, strategies and techniques.  It is the culmination and refinement of the latest studies in neural and behavioural science as well as effective change management tools and models. This scientific, yet holistic approach has become the new standard for creating sustainable change in individuals and organizations alike.
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